Network of relationships for sustainable local development
between Trentino and the Balkan Europe

Platform 125 (P125) is a network encompassing more than 20 private companies, non-profit actors, research and institutional entities, operating in Trentino. Platform 125 members are interested in working with the Balkans in concrete sustainable development projects. P125 aims at supporting the path to European integration, undertaken by the Countries of the area, and at fostering an inclusive and respectful growth in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through an economic cooperation driven by the principles of ethics, reciprocity and know-how transfer.

The primary objective of P125 is to work with the main actors of the Western Balkan Countries in the realization of common projects in the field of: infrastructures, public works, civil and environmental engineering, environmental issues (in terms of protection, enhancement, study and dissemination), and technologies for sustainable agriculture. The Platform, thanks to a tailored and integrated offer, provides the knowledge and operational experience built in Trentino in over 40 years of territorial autonomy.

The strength of the Platform stems from the plurality of skills that it incorporates. P125 can rely on a pool of well-established local and national companies, with a total turnover that exceeds € 105,000,000.00 and 600 employees.
Research institutes also take part in Platform 125. The Platform is supported by local authorities, thus ensuring an institutional framework and the systemic movement of the Platform.

What the Platform offers:
skills, specializations, services

P125 is coordinated by a governing board called cabina di regia, managing the network and the relations between Trentino and Balkan institutions and research bodies. Platform 125 is composed of two international cooperation organizations and of a group of engineering, architecture and management companies that can respond thoroughly to customer needs, with highly specialized skills in the following sectors: